Black Users - Terms and conditions

August 1, 2023

Terms and Conditions for the Black Level Users Program

General conditions:

These terms and conditions for the Black Level Users (the "Terms and Conditions") regulate how you qualify for, maintain, and/or lose the Black Level Status as a User (as further defined below).

The program is valid for as long as Astropay maintains it, at its sole discretion. All capitalized terms that are not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the General Terms ( and/or in the Loyalty Program

The Black Level Status will automatically start the day after the user complies with all the conditions described below. An account manager may contact Users to let them know they have qualified for the Status.

Black Level Users

User means any person older than 18 years old who has passed the KYC process and has an Astropay account in his/her name.

A User eligible for Black Level Status means an Astropay User that has gained 300,000 AstroPoints (if the account is from Europe or Rest of the World where Astropay has presence, (except Asia) or 900,000 AstroPoints (if the account is from Asia) into his/her account (each a "Black Level User").

A User may gain AstroPoints by making deposits, debit card payments, and payment links paid.

The accounting of the AstroPoints will be done by multiplying the total amount of each of the transactions mentioned above by:
* 3x on each payment link that is paid;
* 3x (three) on deposits (Astropay Vouchers are not included) with a minimum of 20 USD (twenty US dollars)*; and
* 3x (three) on every debit card payment completed.

The basis for performing the multiplications defined above is the equivalent of: one dollar = 10 AstroPoints


A - AstroCoin Cashback:

For each deposit that is done in a merchant's site, the Black Level User will receive a 1.8% (one point eight percent) of the total amount in AstroPoints. Those AstroPoints may be exchanged for money or for a prize, if applicable. They may also be kept in the Account without a timeframe.

The minimum amount required for deposits to receive the cashback, is USD 20 (twenty dollars).

Deposits made through vouchers will not offer the possibility of cashback.

B - Special Assistance:

A dedicated team of account managers specially dedicated to our Black Level Users.

C - Special Promotions:

At Astropay's discretion, Black Level Users will be eligible to participate in exclusive promotions thought to enhance experiences, with no obligation of participation on behalf of the Black Level User.

D - Astro Experience:

Black Level Users will be eligible to be offered to participate in special experiences, such as sporting or entertainment events, with no obligation of participation on behalf of the Black Level User.

E- Special Upgrades:

At Astropay's discretion, Black Level Users may qualify to obtain special upgrades enhancing purchase and deposit limits. These upgrades may require additional KYC in order for the upgrade to be approved.

Loss of Black Level Status

The Black Level Status will be maintained until Astropay decides otherwise. After one year, or at any time that Astropay finds it convenient, the total amount of AstroPoints that is needed for being part of the Level, may be reevaluated.

Additionally, the Black Level Status may be lost by Astropay's own decision if the Black Level User:
* Avoids any security procedures.
* Is being suspected of any illicit activities.
* Tries to use more than one Account in order to take advantage of the Black Level Status; or
* Any other situation considered dangerous or suspicious by Astropay.

Security Measures and Customer Support

If any assistance is needed, Users should contact Astropay via email to

Astropay only uses official channels (email mentioned before) to contact our Users. Astropay will never request passwords or credit card information.

Users may receive a verification code via SMS, this code is personal and non-transferable. By using Astropay, Users give their consent to share personal information with Merchants, processors and banks, if applicable, with the sole purpose of providing our services.

Any questions about privacy may be consulted on this website.


Astropay has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes will be valid from the date they are published for any new Black Level User.

The Terms and Conditions may be canceled or modified at any time at Astropay's sole discretion and the Black Level Users will be responsible for regularly review any updates or changes that we make from time to time. By continuing to use Astropay's services after such updates or changes have been implemented, the Program Users indicate their acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

Astropay has the right to cancel the Black Level Users Status in case fraud or any similar activities are detected.

These Terms and Conditions are bound by the laws of the United Kingdom and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023.