We believe everyone deserves control over their finances. That's why we created a platform built around flexibility and customer empowerment.

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Our mission

We dream of a world where everyone has the freedom to use their money without borders or limits. AstroPay imagines a future where you can spend, save, and send your money anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are or what currency you use. We're building a world where financial freedom is real for everyone—where your money is completely yours, to use however and wherever you wish. This is the future AstroPay is creating: a place where everyone can thrive financially, free from the old rules of banks and geographical borders.


At AstroPay, we know that our culture is the foundation of our success. We are a team of innovative and ambitious individuals who are passionate about making a lasting impact.
We have created a special formula for our culture, that is the foundation of everything that we do and strive to achieve: Passion + Action = Legacy.

we do things

with passion

We value ownership

Don't just follow instructions, take initiative and lead by example. Own your outcomes, not just tasks. Hold yourself and others accountable.

We embrace courage

Take bold risks. Seek feedback. Share ideas openly. Dare to fail and learn together.

Our culture thrives on passion, ownership, and courage. They guide us to create products customers love.

We are creating

A New Legacy

We think big

Striving to have a clear long-term vision, anticipating future trends and breaking free from conventional thinking to embrace innovation and greatness.

We deliver “WOW”

Obsessing over customer needs, constantly exceeding expectations by paying meticulous attention to detail and constantly adapting to deliver an exceptional experience.

We Like to

Take Action

We act with speed

Relentlessly focused on turning ideas into reality, making quick decisions, learning rapidly, and expecting commitment from everyone.

We aim for simplicity

Seek to reduce complexity, communicate clearly, prioritize tasks, and customer experience.


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